Technology Business Management

Optimize your technology investments

What is Technology Business Management?

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that improves business outcomes by giving organizations a consistent way to translate technology investments to business value (Source: Technology Business Council).

Why Technology Business Management is important?

Technology is moving fast and the pace grows at an exponential rate due to worldwide accelerated human interactions. Staying at the forefront of innovation in this global competition is impossible even for large companies with important resources and capabilities. In addition, in our Digital age, innovating is a business imperative to stay competitive and avoid being disrupted. Technology Business Management helps Tech leaders manage technology spendings and allocate funds to the most valuable Digital innovations.

What are the benefits of Technology Business Management?

+ Most valuable Digital innovations are funded in priority.
+ Resources are allocated to build Business Capabilities.
+ Business services budgets are updated in real time.
+ Confidence in Digital Transformation roadmaps.
+ Optimization of Infrastructure and Cloud spendings.

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What do we do?

  • Deployment of essential tools.
  • Cloud Financial Managements.
  • Cost transparency with Showback and Chargeback.
  • Infrastructure and Cloud optimizations.
  • FinOps coaching.

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